Mega Super Buy coffee at the grocery stores. It is  less expensive than the airport. You can bring as much back as you would like. Mega Super grocery store is right across the street for your immediate needs.  Buy your coffee here.
Maxi Pali Take a cab. This is a small  Wal-Mart like place.
Mas Menos Located downtown by the bank. It is  withing walking distance of Monaco.
AM Mercado Located in Herradura. American grocery  store. You can find anything from the  States here.
Meat Market Go to Main Street and go left over the  bridge to Pop’s Ice Cream and go left.  Go down about ½ mile and it is on the  right, next to a fruit and vegetable  market. This is the best place in town  to buy meat.
Dermatologist Dr. Jose A. Tabush Clare  Email:  Phone: 011-506-2208-8319. If you need  anything a dermatologist could provide. He does Botox. He is at Cema in San Jose.
Souvenirs There are lots of souvenir shops down  the road that have all kinds of things  that would be perfect mementos to  bring home or give as gifts.
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